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Cloud Services

Cloud hosting relies on the most inventive cloud computing technologies, which allow indefinite number of machines to function as one system. These hosting services are offered to clients via multiple connected servers, which involve a cloud, contrary to being offered by a virtual or single server. Cloud hosting is also sometimes referred to as cloud server hosting, cluster server hosting, or server on-demand hosting. Several types of cloud hosting services have been developed; these include personal services and small business cloud services.

Flexibility and scalability of cloud services

One of the chief advantages of hosting on cloud is usually its scalability. With limitless number of servers, which can be added to this cluster, the cloud can smoothly accommodate an exceptional growth of customer’s websites and servers without experiencing downtime.  This flexibility is what is making businesses and individuals to move to the cloud, as it eliminates downtime; meaning you are never restricted to a single physical PC.

Extreme Reliability

Cloud hosting involves multiple servers, running from various locations, meaning there is no single point of failure. For instance, should a web server become nonfunctional on the cloud, it doesn’t impact a sites ability to run, as other servers within cluster can carry over the task and continue to serve content. This reliable and robust hosting environment is further supplemented by effective load balancing.

Help with cloud hosting services

Your IT Results Inc., provides hosting solutions, which are designed to accommodate various types of projects and business in the Calgary and surrounding areas. Whether you require cloud migration services for your entire project or only need cloud hosting for a few applications, our staff is here at each stage to steer you through on all your requirements.

We also provide cloud services for small businesses, which are tailored to meet their business needs. Call (403) 805-0936 to see how you can benefit from moving to the cloud now.