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Network Security

Network security auditing services are accessible in Calgary, Alberta and around Canada from Your IT Results – a managed IT service provide. A network security audit will assist you authenticate and achieve optimum performance from your organization’s network. This audit is a significant step in preventing problems before they become major concerns. A network security audit will not only allow us to determine the issues causing current problems with your systems, but also enable us to ascertain any potential problems.

Without security controls and measures in place, your data may be subject to attacks. Some of them are active; meaning the information is already compromised with intent to destroy or corrupt the network while others are passive, meaning the information is monitored.

Cyber security threats are no longer a question of if your organizations will be attacked. The question is when, or worse have you already been attacked and you don’t know. Your IT Results offers state of the art Calgary network security services. Our team of professionals will work with you to ensure your network is secured and monitored for security breaches.