Are You Extremely Worried About
Your Business Surviving Right Now?

If So, We’ll Train Your Employees
and Help With Security?

From the desk of Kelly Speers
President, Your IT Results Inc.

Dear Colleague,

There is a legend surrounding the enclosed doll among the Villages of Guatemala. If you have a problem or worry, all you have to do is tell the doll, place the doll under your pillow before you go to bed, and the doll will take your worries away while you sleep.

Wouldn't it be great if that was true? Unfortunately, we know it's not – especially now with the Costco-sized bucket of trouble we're all in right now!

So why have I sent you a worry doll? Actually, there are 2 reasons…

  1. I want to offer you FREE IT cybersecurity services, and I wanted to make sure this letter would catch your attention.
  2. Since this will (hopefully) erase ONE worry you have right now, I thought using this "worry doll" was an appropriate eye-catcher.

In case you are unfamiliar with me, my name is Kelly Speers, President of Your IT Results Inc. We specialize in helping small to mid-sized companies in Alberta who are worried about cybersecurity threats facing their businesses. We provide our clients with fully outsourced Cybersecurity, IT support and co-managed IT  security solutions for companies with in-house IT people. (you can learn more about us at

Because this crisis is undoubtedly causing concerns in your business, and with Law Enforcement reporting Cyber Crime and Attacks WAY up during the pandemic (the Hackers are working overtime) we'd like to offer you security services – for free until the end of 2020!

Your IT Results Inc. free Pandemic Security Bundle includes:

  • Security Awareness Training – non-geek speak training about real-world scenario's the Scammers, and Cyber Criminals are using right now. The multi-media training is delivered online and takes roughly 30 - 40 minutes to complete. This training gives your staff a fighting chance to spot suspicious activity BEFORE disaster strikes.
  • Dark Web Scan – Cyber Criminals, Hackers and Scammers frequently sell and share the stolen data of cyber-victims, including personal data, on the Dark Web. Knowing your information has been stolen allows you to take swift action, from changing passwords to informing your credit card or bank your account that your info was compromised.
  • Network and Security Assessment – Maybe you think you have bigger problems to deal with and that you are "ok" when it comes to IT and security, and we hope that is true! Wouldn't it be better to really KNOW if you are? This proprietary Multi-Point Assessment has taken me years to develop (regular value $2997). It includes the initial assessment, report of findings and action plan recommendations should areas for concern be found.

Because everyone's situation is different, I'd like to suggest we get on a quick call to discuss your specific situation and needs. From there I can give you more details on how (if?) we can help you and answer your questions.

My phone is (403) 407 – 2443 or Toll-Free (888) 407 - 5253
My email is

Book time on my calendar by going to

I'm sure you're asking why we would give this away for free for the rest of the 2020 year. There must be a hidden agenda, right? Truly, I'm just looking to help. Right now, our business has not been impacted in the same way others have. We are still fully functional and operating as an essential business and simply want to extend some help to our fellow Alberta based business owners.

The only "catch" is that we can't offer this to EVERY business, so we're writing to a small, select group of businesses in industries we are familiar with.

If you do NOT want this free bundle, please let us know so we can make it available to another business owner who does need it. Someone from Your IT Results Inc. Team will follow up within the next couple of days to see if you received this letter, and whether or not you'd like our assistance right now or not.


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Our issues are as important to Your IT Results as they are to us.

Trust is the foundation of any relationship, I put my trust in the team at Your IT Results Inc. knowing they are the IT experts so I don’t have to be. I personally know two other business leaders who use Your IT Results Inc on of whom I referred to Your IT Results Inc directly. All of us would and do, without reservation and with confidence, refer their services to our own clients.

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Quick response times even during the evenings and weekends.

Your IT Results and their team operate with the highest level of integrity while providing customer service in an industry that it seems to be missing. They always seem to be available with quick answers to our questions or issues, this is critical to us because our volunteers often work evenings and weekends. They take the time to listen to our needs and work with in our budget to maximize the services they provide us. As a registered charity this is critical to us.

Jim M Angels Anonymous